November Tremor Rocks Giveaway Alert!

If you couldn’t make it to EXXXOTICA New Jersey, trust us that you need more Tremor in your life. Luckily, all CAM4 performers within North America will have a chance to win 1 of 2 Tremor Rocks during November!

To enter: 

  1. Add Tremor Rocks to your Amazon Wish List
  2. Connect your Amazon Wish List to your CAM4 profile
  3. Follow @TremorRocks and @CAM4 on Twitter, and @TremorRocks and @CAM4Live on Instagram

On December 1st we’ll be selecting two winners at random who will receive this magical sex toy, a pretty exciting early holiday present!

If you don’t have an Amazon Wishlist or you want to know more about how to protect your privacy, Nikki Night has all the info you need.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Must be a registered CAM4 performer (yes, you can be brand new)
  2. Must be located within North America
  3. Winners will be chosen at random 

~Halloween Gift Contest – win up to 2000 Tokens! ~ Oct.16th-Nov.5th

Spread the Halloween spirit by joining our spooky gift contest! Once again, CAM4 gives you a chance to win big prizes by collecting this year’s awesome Halloween gifts. 

How it works:

~Collect the gifts of the two categories “Halloween” and “Bad Dragon” from October 16th to November 5th.
~The winners will be the performers who earn the most from the gifts of the two categories.
~Sign up to join the contest! (Sign up form below the contest rules)

1st – 200$
2nd – 100$
3rd – 50$
4th – 25$

Some tips for you to win:

~Let everyone know you are in the contest by tweeting and talking about it in your shows! 
~Send a special thank you to your fans when they send you a Halloween gift…they might not know they are helping you in the contest 🙂
~Organize a special raffle for everyone who sent you a gift.
~Organize special Halloween shows following Nikki Night’s tips!! 

Freaky Halloween Show Ideas!!


~Only performers with verified accounts can participate
~Winners will be chosen based on who earns the most tokens via the above gift categories
~Cam4 reserves the right to disqualify individual performers who try to win the contest by cheating.

Freaky Halloween Costume Contest Oct 23rd – 31st

Enter for your chance at 10 prizes of up to $50!

Our annual Halloween celebration is happening from October 23rd to 31st. You’re all invited to join us in celebrating the best time of the year to express your fetishes, freakiness, and creativity. There’s 10 prizes to be won and lots of opportunity to get your CAM4 content promoted!

To enter just make sure to do these two things between October 23rd and 31st:

  1. Broadcast a Halloween costume show tagged with #FreakyHalloween
  2. Tweet a photo of your Halloween costume with the hashtags #CAM4 and #Halloween

Once Halloween is over, we’ll be judging your broadcasts and costume photos based on quality, creativity, effort, and engagement with your chatroom or fans to pick our 10 Freaky Halloween winners for 2017.

The judges of this year’s Freaky Halloween will be our team of community managers.

The prizes will be awarded globally:

500 tokens each for the top 5 costumes

250 tokens each for the 5 runners up

We can’t wait to see all of your costumes for this year’s Freaky Halloween! For inspiration, check out Nikki Night’s Show Ideas.

Contest Rules

  1. Must be a CAM4 performer in good standing
  2. Only live broadcasts will be eligible, no pre-recorded content
  3. Stock images or old costume images will not be eligible

Increase your earnings and viewers with PornHub

How to create a profile on PornHub to get more viewers and earn more on CAM4!

PornHub is the largest adult portal in the world. Millions access it daily providing visibility that no other site can give you. You can create a free PornHub account and use it to upload your photos and videos to lure more users and turn them into potential fans and tippers on CAM4! But not only that … by entering your CAM4 Referral Program link in your profile bio you will earn $2 for each user who click’s on your affiliate link register’s on CAM4!

I guess you’re wondering how long it takes to create a free PornHub profile and connect it to CAM4 … well, it takes less than 5 minutes!
Here’s a quick guide on how to create your Brand Ambassador profile, how to upload your videos, how to use your affiliate link and start earning more!

– How to create a FREE profile on PornHub … in 5 minutes

Go to PornHub’s homepage and select Sign Up (on the top – right) … or just click on this link!

Click on Sign Up for Free. Then enter your e-mail address and choose a PornHub username (you can use the same on CAM4 if available) and finally choose a password.

Check your email address and activate your PornHub account by clicking Verify Your Email Address.
Done! Now you’ve created a PornHub profile and you just have to configure it according to your liking 🙂



– How to configure your PornHub account with images, video and your CAM4 affiliate link!

Once verified your mail PornHub will ask you for basic information to confine your profile. What do you like, What channels you want to see and Basic Information (the most important ones to promote you!)

In the Basic Information section you can select the country, city, and nickname that you prefer. Be sure to write a short description in the ABOUT entry. You can use this space as a showcase to promote you as a web cam model on CAM4.

The most effective tool is to enter your CAM4 referral link to bring them to your CAM4 page and earn even from each subscription! If you do not know how to get your affiliate link (always found in My Accunt > Profile Options, bottom left> Referral Program)!!

For example, enter your next scheduled show on CAM4 or find other videos on your CAM4 profile. Or click the link below to see more videos #fetish, #outdoor.

Then click on Complete and Have fun on Pornhub! Once the configuration is finished you will be able to edit your profile and enter profile, cover, galleries, gifs and VIDEOs!

On your profile click on the profile image and cover photo and select upload photos to get you noticed! Note. you may decide not to show your face or use masked photos 🙂


In your profile page, you can view a preview of your basic information to the left: Make sure your referral link is correct and have a captivating description to push users to click on the link! 🙂
At the top click the Video section and then click Add Now! Then drag the video you want to upload and wait for the upload to complete.

Remember to include details on your video (eg. orientation, privacy, amateur production) and carefully choose an alluring title (you can also add translations in other languages). Finally, select the tags to describe your video and bring users with ease.

 PRO TIP:  Post quite often to keep users up to date on your next CAM4 shows and  promote your new videos on your MyShop, but make sure each message always contains your referral link!

Easy Ways To Improve Your Fan Club

From the ability to give devoted fans 24/7 access to your exclusive content, to earning you extra income even when you’re offline, Fan Clubs have become a performers best friend.

So, we’ve created these features for you to give your members a personalized experience that will keep them subscribing month after month. 

Fan Club Pricing

Increase the value of your Fan Club by offering members a discounted rate on select My Shop content! Select only your most exclusive content for this special pricing (videos of things you don’t do on cam, added guest, special location, etc..) and leave your regular My Shop video prices as is. This selective pricing will make your Fan Club videos feel even more special, increase sales on your My Shop videos in total due to peeking viewer interest , and make subscribing to your Fan Club a no brain-er!


How to set Fan Club pricing:

~When you upload a new video there will be a Fan Club price option

~For existing videos, go to your My Shop dashboard in your account options and click edit.

*You have full control over both regular and Fan Club pricing.

Sell your Snapchat using My Shop! 

The best part is you can offer Fan Club pricing on this too!

How you do it:

Login to on your desktop and click ‘Snapcodes’ on the main header bar, then click ‘My Snapcodes’.

That will take you to ‘My Account’ but don’t be confused! You just have to select ‘My Snapcode’ again.

Here is your Snapcode! Now all you need to do is:

  1. Open your screen recording software. (If you don’t have any, just ask your good friend Google for some) 
  2. Crop your screen exactly like you see here.
  3. Record 5-6 min of your code.
  4. Upload to your My Shop!  

*My Shop crops the main image of your video so don’t worry about people being able to get your code without buying it.

Fan Club Mass-messaging

Keep your fans devoted by staying connected! Use this feature to announce the release of a new video, or invite them to your Fan Club exclusive shows!

How you do it:

Start a new message in your CAM4 Mailbox.

Then under ‘Select Group’ choose ‘My Fans’, you’ll notice a few more messaging options are on their way too bb  😉 


That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmen

You can always email me with any questions at

Coaching Profile
Password: nikkilove


Boyhous PTR

Coaching Profile
Password: funkymonkey


Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous

MyShop Video Contest Aug.7-20th (First prize is 200$!)

If you’ve been looking for a sexy excuse to film new content for your MyShop, here it is! We’re giving away cash prizes! 

How it works:

~Upload brand new (never been seen before) videos to your MyShop between Aug.7-20th.
~Download and use the CAM4 MyShop design to create buzz worthy promo images that you can tweet, share, post, and blog about on social media.  
~The top 3 performers that sell the most of their NEW MyShop videos win cash prizes!

First Place – $200
Second Place – $100
Third Place – $50

#PromoteLikeAPro by using this CAM4 design on your MyShop social pictures!


  • How to do it 

1. Download promo design files HERE

2. Use software like Pizap (free) to drop your pictures into the background. The aspect ratio of the design is pretty wide so you may need to use 2 pictures, stay away from stretching your image out of shape to fill the space.

3. Add the orange bar last so it will be seen over top of your image

4. Write your CAM4 username! 

#ProTip – Use fonts like Arial, or Helvetica Neue in all lowercase to stay on CAM4 brand design.

Want ideas on how to promote your MyShop? Then check out this article with the latest in effective marketing tips: Tips for promoting and selling your MyShop content 

Contest Rules

~Approved CAM4 performers only.
~Only videos that have been uploaded between Aug.7-20th will count towards sales.
~Video must have never been previously uploaded or sold on CAM4.
~All video sales will count as is, special FanClub prices will also count towards the sales total.
~Regular MyShop approval process for uploaded videos will apply.

~Grow your FanClub and win up to 2000 Tokens! ~ Sep.18th-Oct.15th

Growing your Fan Club this summer could win you big money! Sign up now for your chance to win the first place prize of 2000 Tokens! 

How it works:

From Sep.18th – Oct.15th, the top 4 performers who earn the most money from NEW fan club subscribers win! 
Your goal is to get as many new subscriptions as you can! The winner is based on the increase these new subscribers have on your total number, not the total number itself. So, if you only have a few subscribers but you earn the most money from new subscribers during the contest you win! 

This way, even performers who have few or no fans at the start of the contest, have a great chance to win first prize 🙂


First Prize – $200
Second Prize – $100
Third Prize – $75
Fourth Prize – $50

Contest Rules

Approved CAM4 performers only

Only performers who’ve signed up for the contest will be able to win a prize.

Winners will be based on Fan Club increase of NEW subscribers from Sep.18th – Oct.15th only. Your subscription renewals don’t count towards the contest.

New subscribers only! Members must NOT have been a member of your FanClub at anytime in the past, subscribers that have been members previously will not count towards the contest.

 Sign up deadline is Aug.13, 2017, no performers will be allowed to join the contest after that date.

No cheating! No agreements with viewers to try to alter the results of the contest! 

Sign Up Form


















Ice Cream Weekend July.29-30th

How many licks does it take till you finish? 

You’ll scream, and your viewers will cream for Ice Cream Weekend on CAM4. Tell your viewers to #LickIt by scheduling, tagging, and tweeting your ice creamy shows!

To earn a cool 100 Tokens all you have to do is:

~Tag your live show – #LickIt
~Tweet an ice cream themed picture with the link to your show and use the #LickIt.
~Schedule your tasty treat show with the #LickIt in the description.

~You can earn an additional 100 Tokens for tweeting the best Ice Cream themed picture using the #LickIt!


~Approved CAM4 performers only.
~Only one payment of 100 tokens per performer
~Show length must exceed 30 min. and reach a minimum of 20 viewers.
~Must include #LickIt in your live show status.
~Must tweet a picture, live show link, and the tweet must have the #LickIt. (Tweets containing photos unrelated to the theme will not be accepted)
~Schedule your show with the #LickIt in the description. 


Need a release from the hellish summer heat? No need to sweat…think CAM4 and GET WET! This weekend, slip into something skimpy that will have your viewers dripping with excitement. 

You’ll get 100 Tokens for participating!*

All you have to do is:
Schedule your show for July 8th & 9th with the #GetWet in the description
Include the #GetWet in your show status
Tweet your CAM4 URL when you’re live, and include a photo with the #GetWet

The best twitter-themed photos will also receive a 100 Token prize!

Here are a few show ideas to get your juices flowing…just add water!

Sexy car wash!

Pour it all over yourself…

Don’t let the holiday title scare you, these will get you wet all year.

* Rules:

Only verified accounts will be eligible.
The show should contain the tag “#GetWet” in the state.
The Tweet must contain the #GetWet  and  photo.
Performers that participate will receive 100 Tokens in total, not per show.
Shows must be a minimum of 30 minutes in duration, and have at least 20 viewers.