Social Media 101 with Sammy Strips

We have started hosting live coaching on Twitter to help you use social media to earn more money! Our first session featured social media & camgirl pro Sammy Strips teaching us the basics of the social media.


1. Keep Your Profile and Cover Images Clean

Performers are able to show more sensitive and R-rated content, but this is not true for every area in Twitter. In your profile picture and your banner you can’t show any nudity, nothing sexy! Keep it SFW. This helps to keep your profile active and away from the dreaded bans. 

2. Keep Twitter Live Streams Clean

The same rules apply to your live broadcasts on Twitter, make sure there’s no nudity. Though this is an awesome way to tease viewers into your shows, it’s not the place to get explicit. 

3. Keep Nudity in Your Posts

Your tweets can include nudity, so you’re free to be as explicit as you want. 

4. Am I Shadowbanned?

Twitter will “shadowban” accounts that violate these rules. This means that your profile won’t appear in searches, making it hard for fans to find you. 

5. Tagging People in Photos

If you’re uploading a picture, click on the “Who’s in this photo?” button and you can tag up to 10 users in the photo. This is a cleaner option than tagging followers in the tweet itself.

6. Use Twitter Analytics!

 If you’re on your desktop on your Twitter profile page, look at “statistics” on the sidebar.  You can get a lot of information about when’s the best time to send your tweets, who’s following you, their interests etc. If you go through that data, you’ll have a better understanding of when you can make money and gain followers.



  1. Keep it all Clean!

Everything has to be SFW! Instagram can take down any pictures that are reported as, or are NSFW. Tease viewers, or show off your personality and style. 

2. We Recommend no More Than Bikini Photos

Take some bikini pics and keep them on hand for Instagram. It’s also good to take some seductive pics without any nudity or explicit content.

3. Where Can I Link?

Try not to post links to porn sites in your posts – instead, post your Twitter link so your followers can get links to your cam shows directly there. 

4. Snapchat Takeovers

The best way to get a Snapchat takeover is to send a message to @CAM4 on Twitter and we’ll hook you up! Sammy is booking into December, so let her know! Snapchat takeovers are a great way to get lots of photos and videos so you can post on your personal social media accounts.

Getting Your Posts RT’d by your Cam Company

To get retweeted by a camming platform, there’s some key things you have to do: 

Include your URL – we want followers to click on your links!

Use hashtag (#) or ‘@’ your cam company – #cam4, for example. 

Post a HOT visual! (videos are a huge preference though) People love to see visuals. You can add up to 4 photos in a post.

If you want people on Twitter to watch your live shows, the Twitter picture should show them what that show’s going to be like. Example: if you’re doing a show from your bath tub, take pics/video of you in the tub!

Separate posts if you’re tagging separate cam companies! One post for one site, that way each site has the opportunity to retweet you

PRO TIP: Use videos from your Snapchat to post on Twitter!



CAM4 provides users with Performer Training every Wednesday with cam coach, Nikki Night! Social media is one of the topics she covers. If you’re interested in watching, message Sammy Strips!

For a more personalized experience, we offer free One-on-One training for all CAM4 performers.


Shoot Sammy a message and tell her what you’re interested in learning about!

Follow @CAM4 on Twitter to find out upcoming coaching broadcasts with @SammyStrips!

Earn More Money by Using Snapchat: Here’s How

Snapchat isn’t just for undercover convos. You can use this super simple to earn more money immediately. First, get an account and choose a username similar to your camming name. 

Sammy will be live on Twitter and Instagram this Thursday, November 16th at 9pm EST; but until then here’s our best tips on how to use Snapchat to increase your earnings!

  1. Sell premium Snapchat access from your CAM4 profile

There’s a couple of ways to do this. The easiest is to keep all of your premium members in a Group Chat or create a group story. Here’s where you send nudes, post the more scandalous pics, give them that special content they pay for. Even offering Snapchat deals will make your premium fans smile. For example, a 100 or 200 token gift is required to get your premium content. 

2. Offer a free Snapchat to all of your fans

You should always have a free Snapchat for your fans, otherwise how will people know that paying for your premium is worth it? Post your updates, CAM4 link, any videos or special deals you’ve got, and show off your personality! Push for your followers to go premium, too. 

3. Do takeovers!

Finding new followers is really easy when you do takeovers. There are so may cam girl promo accounts on Snapchat that allow girls of all different sites to do takeovers. You can also do a takeover on CAM4Snaps to boost your following. Make sure you pick a day that you’re camming, and offer your Snapchat fans something special if they tip you – like a free video clip. 

4. Repurpose your snaps

Make sure you’re exporting all of your snaps and use them on Twitter, Instagram, future Snapchat takeovers, Reddit, and all over the internet. You could even upload them to My Shop on CAM4 and give your fans some free videos to taste. 

5. Use your Snapcode

Go to to download your Snapcode. Put this on your pics, CAM4 profile, Twitter account, and any print outs you do for events to make sure you give your fans the easiest way possible to find you. 

6. Encourage screenshots!

When you’re on Snapchat, encourage your viewers to take screenshots – especially of the posts where you include your CAM4 URL, social media handles, or anything else. You want people to easily find you, and having a photo in their phone is a pretty good way to do just that. You could even offer a special gift for everyone who screenshots your next post. 

That’s all for this week’s social media tips, let us know if you have any questions by emailing! See you on Twitter this Thursday for live coaching to talk more about how awesome Snapchat is for camgirls. 

How to set up your Lovense toys & browser on CAM4

Lovense toys bring you and your audience even closer by allowing your viewers to control your toy through tipping. This video guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Lovense toy and browser. There is also step-by-step instructions on the Lovense download page (See link below).

 Download all required Lovense software HERE.

That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmen

You can always email me with any questions at

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Boyhous PTR

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Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous


Get More Viewers by Joining Reddit!

What if I told you, simply by joining Reddit and promoting your camshows you’d find more viewers and make more money? 

It’s true!

Reddit is basically a massive forum where people can discuss pretty much anything. It’s divided up by subreddit, and just for camshows alone there’s over 50 threads you could post on. 

It’s so easy to sign up and make your first post that we promise it’ll take you less than 5 minutes. There’s no profile to design, no account info to edit, just make your username and password, and start posting!

Pick your username, try to keep it identical or similar to your camming name. Create a password, and you’re in! Then it’s time to hit up the subreddits for Camgirls: 















This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. You could spend hours collecting all of the camgirl-related subreddits. Cha-ching!

But before you begin posting, here’s some guidelines: 

  1. You have to wait 7 minutes in between postings
  2. Link to your images and videos via Imgur, ManyVids, PornHub, CAM4, YouTube, etc.
  3. Don’t post content into subreddits that aren’t related
  4. Read all of the rules of each subreddit 
  5. Don’t post the same content on multiple subreddits

The best approach is to collect your content and make sure it’s varied – cumshots, lesbian, BDSM, spanking, wearing glasses, tattoos, or cum tributes will enable you to post on the more specific threads. 

A word of caution: Reddit is a community and they work hard to keep the content unbiased, helpful, and honest. Always read each thread’s rules and guidelines. For example, some threads require you to message the moderator before posting.

Make sure to stop by r/CAM4Live and leave a pic ❤️

If you’re interested in learning more about social media and different ways to earn more money and get more viewers, follow @CAM4 on Twitter to catch our live coaching with @SammyStrips!

Win BIG by going Private from Nov.13th ~ Dec.3rd

Private shows are a great way to earn big on CAM4, and now you can earn even more by joining our Private show contest! 

The top 4 performers that earn the most during Nov.13th – Dec.3rd will win one of 4 prizes!  Sign up below!


First Place – $250
Second Place – $125
Third Place – $75
Fourth Place – $50

Looking for Private Show ideas? 

Want tips on how to make your PVT shows last longer?

Contest Rules

~Approved CAM4 performers only.
~The contest is based on earnings from Private shows only.
~Only Private shows that have been done between Nov.13th – Dec.3rd will count towards sales.
~Group shows do NOT count towards the contest earnings.



November Tremor Rocks Giveaway Alert!

If you couldn’t make it to EXXXOTICA New Jersey, trust us that you need more Tremor in your life. Luckily, all CAM4 performers within North America will have a chance to win 1 of 2 Tremor Rocks during November!

To enter: 

  1. Add Tremor Rocks to your Amazon Wish List
  2. Connect your Amazon Wish List to your CAM4 profile
  3. Follow @TremorRocks and @CAM4 on Twitter, and @TremorRocks and @CAM4Live on Instagram
  4. Earn over $400 on CAM4 during the month of November
  5. Sign up below

On December 1st we’ll be selecting two winners who meet the above requirements to receive this magical sex toy, a pretty exciting early holiday present!

If you don’t have an Amazon Wishlist or you want to know more about how to protect your privacy, Nikki Night has all the info you need.



Rules and Regulations

  1. Must be a registered CAM4 performer (yes, you can be brand new)
  2. Must be located within North America
  3. Winners will be chosen at random based on all of those who meet the requirements

Increase your earnings and viewers with PornHub

How to create a profile on PornHub to get more viewers and earn more on CAM4!

PornHub is the largest adult portal in the world. Millions access it daily providing visibility that no other site can give you. You can create a free PornHub account and use it to upload your photos and videos to lure more users and turn them into potential fans and tippers on CAM4! But not only that … by entering your CAM4 Referral Program link in your profile bio you will earn $2 for each user who click’s on your affiliate link register’s on CAM4!

I guess you’re wondering how long it takes to create a free PornHub profile and connect it to CAM4 … well, it takes less than 5 minutes!
Here’s a quick guide on how to create your Brand Ambassador profile, how to upload your videos, how to use your affiliate link and start earning more!

– How to create a FREE profile on PornHub … in 5 minutes

Go to PornHub’s homepage and select Sign Up (on the top – right) … or just click on this link!

Click on Sign Up for Free. Then enter your e-mail address and choose a PornHub username (you can use the same on CAM4 if available) and finally choose a password.

Check your email address and activate your PornHub account by clicking Verify Your Email Address.
Done! Now you’ve created a PornHub profile and you just have to configure it according to your liking 🙂



– How to configure your PornHub account with images, video and your CAM4 affiliate link!

Once verified your mail PornHub will ask you for basic information to confine your profile. What do you like, What channels you want to see and Basic Information (the most important ones to promote you!)

In the Basic Information section you can select the country, city, and nickname that you prefer. Be sure to write a short description in the ABOUT entry. You can use this space as a showcase to promote you as a web cam model on CAM4.

The most effective tool is to enter your CAM4 referral link to bring them to your CAM4 page and earn even from each subscription! If you do not know how to get your affiliate link (always found in My Accunt > Profile Options, bottom left> Referral Program)!!

For example, enter your next scheduled show on CAM4 or find other videos on your CAM4 profile. Or click the link below to see more videos #fetish, #outdoor.

Then click on Complete and Have fun on Pornhub! Once the configuration is finished you will be able to edit your profile and enter profile, cover, galleries, gifs and VIDEOs!

On your profile click on the profile image and cover photo and select upload photos to get you noticed! Note. you may decide not to show your face or use masked photos 🙂


In your profile page, you can view a preview of your basic information to the left: Make sure your referral link is correct and have a captivating description to push users to click on the link! 🙂
At the top click the Video section and then click Add Now! Then drag the video you want to upload and wait for the upload to complete.

Remember to include details on your video (eg. orientation, privacy, amateur production) and carefully choose an alluring title (you can also add translations in other languages). Finally, select the tags to describe your video and bring users with ease.

 PRO TIP:  Post quite often to keep users up to date on your next CAM4 shows and  promote your new videos on your MyShop, but make sure each message always contains your referral link!

Easy Ways To Improve Your Fan Club

From the ability to give devoted fans 24/7 access to your exclusive content, to earning you extra income even when you’re offline, Fan Clubs have become a performers best friend.

So, we’ve created these features for you to give your members a personalized experience that will keep them subscribing month after month. 

Fan Club Pricing

Increase the value of your Fan Club by offering members a discounted rate on select My Shop content! Select only your most exclusive content for this special pricing (videos of things you don’t do on cam, added guest, special location, etc..) and leave your regular My Shop video prices as is. This selective pricing will make your Fan Club videos feel even more special, increase sales on your My Shop videos in total due to peeking viewer interest , and make subscribing to your Fan Club a no brain-er!


How to set Fan Club pricing:

~When you upload a new video there will be a Fan Club price option

~For existing videos, go to your My Shop dashboard in your account options and click edit.

*You have full control over both regular and Fan Club pricing.

Sell your Snapchat using My Shop! 

The best part is you can offer Fan Club pricing on this too!

How you do it:

Login to on your desktop and click ‘Snapcodes’ on the main header bar, then click ‘My Snapcodes’.

That will take you to ‘My Account’ but don’t be confused! You just have to select ‘My Snapcode’ again.

Here is your Snapcode! Now all you need to do is:

  1. Open your screen recording software. (If you don’t have any, just ask your good friend Google for some) 
  2. Crop your screen exactly like you see here.
  3. Record 5-6 min of your code.
  4. Upload to your My Shop!  

*My Shop crops the main image of your video so don’t worry about people being able to get your code without buying it.

Fan Club Mass-messaging

Keep your fans devoted by staying connected! Use this feature to announce the release of a new video, or invite them to your Fan Club exclusive shows!

How you do it:

Start a new message in your CAM4 Mailbox.

Then under ‘Select Group’ choose ‘My Fans’, you’ll notice a few more messaging options are on their way too bb  😉 


That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmen

You can always email me with any questions at

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Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous