Start Camming Anywhere With C4 Broadcaster

We are proud to announce that we have made major improvements to our C4 Broadcaster application! This app is now available so you can stream live from anywhere.

Download the C4 Broadcaster mobile app for FREE

You can earn tokens, set your goals, chat with friends – in short, it’s just like on your computer. To use C4 broadcaster, all you have to do is create an account on CAM4, download the application and log in!

*Please note  it is necessary to broadcast at least once on before using C4 Broadcaster.*

– Connection with Wifi, 3G, or 4G
– Special stand for mobile show.
– Define your goals and win tokens
– Chat with friends

Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S4, Tab 4, Tab 3, Note 10.1; HTC One M8; LG G3; Motorola Moto G; Asus Nexus 7

Before you begin, you should first consult our article on outdoor showsWhat’s Allowed On Cam Outdoors?”.

This is what you’ll see when you broadcast from your C4 Broadcaster app! 

C4B Login galaxy

Your login credentials are exactly the same as when you login to ‘Big CAM4’, also like ‘Big CAM4’, we protect your account by including your security questions…heaven forbid you lose your phone.


C4B Status galaxy
Your broadcast window has a sleek, simple, design that is easy to use, with all your features right at your fingertips.

~Edit your status, show description, or tip goal at any time by pressing the little pen in the top right corner of the screen.
~You have full control of your camera as well, switch from front to back (or vice versa) as much as you like by pressing the little camera icon.

*NOTE: C4 Broadcaster app shows you in portrait mode only. So hold your phone like it is shown in this article 🙂


C4B Setings 22
You also have full control of your private show settings as well, all you have to is swipe right on your screen at any time to access your settings screen. 

Other settings you will find here:

~Turning your camera flashlight on/off
~C4B app tutorial
~New improvements and features of C4 Broadcaster

C4B Chatroom bb
C4 Broadcaster allows you to seamlessly go between engaging your viewers in public chat, while quietly flirting with fans in your private messages, and of course going for a nice long steamy private show with one very lucky bb 😉


That’s all for this lesson!

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Happy Camming!

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Why You Need Different Social Media Channels

A successful cam performer knows how to always be exciting for fans, anywhere, anytime.

We focus a lot on Twitter, but our most successful performers all have multiple social media accounts. Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, etc.

Before you set up different channels, make sure that you’re ready to build your online personality and to share that. It takes time to create good photos and videos, and to share them across your channels. It’s not about quick nudes, it’s all about sharing your personality, whether it’s 100% authentic or parts of it are invented. 

Start with Twitter

Twitter should be your “hub.” That is, your main social media channel that links everything together. Twitter allows nudity, live video, links, images, and is incredibly easy to make your content discoverable. Not to mention the 218 million active monthly users. 

Here’s some tips on how to use Twitter:

  • Your username should be the same as your CAM4 name or very similar
  • Connect your Twitter account to your CAM4 account (inside My Account on
  • Post photos and videos when you’re logging onto CAM4
  • Reach out to promo accounts to get shout outs
  • Participate in Twitter chats to learn new trends, tricks, and reach new potential viewers
  • Post info about raffles, contests, tip menu additions, items for sale

Each tweet lasts an average of 3 hours, so you’ll want to be active regularly.

To monetize your Twitter account, I have seen some performers sell followbacks on Twitter, or charge for access to their locked Twitter account. Though I don’t recommend locking your account as it won’t get you discovered. For example, you can charge 200 tokens for a followback. 

Then Get Snapchat

Think of Snapchat as Twitter after dark but 100 times cooler. You’re not allowed to post nudity to your story, but you can easily cover up your bits with stickers. The nudes are for DMs (wink)

Here’s what you can do on Snapchat to get fans and tips:

  • Create DM groups to easily send nude content to more people
  • Create a free and a premium account
  • Or charge for access to your Snapchat
  • Charge for daily DMs for a select time period (month, year, week)
  • Post teasers to the free account and the uncovered pics to the premium account
  • Do takeovers on other accounts like CAM4Snaps to get exposure. 

Snapchat makes it really easy for you to get followers. You have a Snapcode, a Snapchat link, and your username. Post your Snapcode on your other social channels, you can even make it your Twitter profile pic as long as you have a SFW photo inside your Snapchat ghost. 


If you have a unique style, you love make up, wigs, hairstyles, fashion, you have tattoos, or you have an interest in photography (boudoir, erotic, fetish etc) this is the platform to share that on. Instagram is filled with photographers, artists, stylists, and creative people. Being a webcam performer can be considered a creative job, and this is your outlet to express yourself. 

This is strictly a no-nudity channel but it’s a massive discovery opportunity thanks to its use of hashtags, location tagging, and the discovery tab. 

Only use Instagram if you’re able to post high quality images that showcase your personal style or personality, this isn’t a place for close up nudes!

  • Live and permanent photo and video content
  • Use this for stunning visual content, photo shoots, costumes, outfits
  • Link to your Twitter account in your bio so people can find your naughtier content
  • Post your Snapchat code


Tumblr is similar to Instagram but in website form. Post photos, link to your CAM4 page, and use hashtags to be discovered. Make sure to use hashtags outside of adult topics so you get maximum exposure. 

You can automate your Tumblr account using or Hootsuite to repost anything you post to Twitter or Instagram.


If you’ve come to coaching lately, you probably know how much I love Reddit. I truly think this has the ability to make CAM4 performers a lot of money.

There are over half a million followers in /r/amateur, not to mention the thousands of other followers across all camgirl and adult content forums. Post your pics and link to CAM4. You can also join forums to learn from other performers about selling content and making more money. We will have a more in depth article on Reddit soon 😉

Different social media channels means different people (AKA more people) will see your amazing content. It also means that the right people will be able to find you. 

I hope you’ve learned some new tools and tricks to promoting yourself on social media. If you need help or have questions, email 



Monthly Coaching Schedule

Every week we offer free, live coaching sessions that are spoken in 7 different languages, with personalized 1-on-1 coaching available upon request. Meet our team of coaches and find out how to join!

Book a 1-1 coaching session

Send the coach of your choice and email with:
~Your CAM4 username.
~Date & time you’re interested in booking (Availability may vary) 
~Areas of performing you wish to focus on.


Coaching schedule – SEPTEMBER

Week of Sep.3rd – 9th

  • New show ideas using Twitter analytics!
  • How to NOT be a jerk on social media.

Week of Sep.10th – 16th

  • New show ideas using Twitter analytics!
  • How to NOT be a jerk on social media.

Week of Sep.17th – 23rd

  • Build a successful Fan Club from the start.
  • Easy ways to improve your Fan Club.

Week of Sep.24th – 30th

  • Creating a unique, fancy CAM4 profile.
  • How to get more viewers.


 That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmenYou can always email me with any questions at  Happy Camming!Love, Nikki & Boyhous

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Checklist do Iniciante

Checklist do Iniciante

Se você é novo no mundo das Webcams ou você quer ter certeza de que suas configurações está corretas, aqui está um guia rápido para ajudar você a começar.


Se você tem um Mac, use a webcam embutida. Se você tem um PC você precisa de uma webcam com pelo menos 640 × 480 pixels ou melhor lente de vidro. Mais mega pixels permitem uma melhor gama de cor e clareza. Eis duas opções de nível de webcam de entrada que nós amamos:

Microsoft Lifecam Studio Webcam

Uma cam ótima para começar, básica com um sensor widescreen HD 1080p para nitidez e qualidade da imagem. As características incluem auto-foco, lente de vidro, Tecnologia TrueColor para cores nítidas na maioria das condições de iluminação, e um microfone embutido.

Logitech HD Portable Webcam

Logitech HD Portable Webcam

Full 1080p HD gravação de vídeo e deslumbrantes fotos de 8 MP tudo em uma webcam portátil. Vem com foco automático para close-ups extremos, um de 360 graus de movimento total câmera rotatória, old-and-go portabilidade e base do tripé pronta. Funciona com PC e MAC
Quer algo mais avançado? Confira os guias avançados e profissionais para mais opções.

*por favor, verifique se seu computador é compatível com uma webcam antes de comprar *


Você precisa de uma velocidade mínima de upload de 1MB para executar uma webcam a nível de entrada. Contate o seu fornecedor de internet para mudar sua velocidade ou selecione a conexão melhor para você. Quando você estiver transmitindo e você perceber uma baixa qualidade de vídeo, verifique sua conexão e velocidade de upload.



Pegue uma lâmpada ou duas e certifique-se as lâmpadas são da mesma cor. Este é um bom momento para sair e comprar uma nova caixa de lâmpadas fluorescentes compactas, estas permitem que você escolha seus níveis de temperatura e brilho da cor, elas são muito eficientes!

Basic lighting set up

Agora, pegue a sua lâmpada (s) e coloque atrás de sua webcam. A fonte de luz deve estar sempre atrás de sua câmera, não atrás de você. Candeeiros de pé e a árvore de lâmpadas torna perfeita a iluminação em casa, sem custos adicionais. Tente não usar luz natural. Se fizer isso, coloque uma folha branca sobre sua janela para suavizar a luz.


Tocar música é divertido, mas certifique-se que não está tão alta que eles não poderão ouvi-la se divertindo! Música através do seu computador vai fazer a sua conexão de internet lenta e sua qualidade na cam. Evite utilizar o computador como fonte. Você quer que sua música seja o pano de fundo, portanto, use o telefone ou o iPod, TV, aparelho de som et

Isso foi tudo nesta lição!

Mantenha-se atualizado com muito mais dicas para os performers me adicionando como amiga no CAM4, e me seguindo no Twitter @cam4coach_pt

jujuhotfire PTR #2.psd final

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Terças & Quintas
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Se Divirta na Cam!

Julia & Indio




Tips for promoting and selling your MyShop content

Selling your videos in MyShop is not only a fantastic way to please your fans, it’s an easy way to increase your monthly earnings. So, what is the best way to ensure success of your videos?  Follow this guide on effective ways to promote and increase your MyShop sales and watch your earnings grow!


Use free content to entice viewers

CAM4 MyShop gives you the ability to make a video free to watch, so why not use this feature to upload a teaser or promo video! Free content attracts viewers to your shop, so use this opportunity to show viewers why they should buy all your videos. You should add new free content as your paid video collection grows.

  • Promo video ideas:

~A sexy video where you list off all the reasons they should buy your videos and become a fan, except you use articles of clothing to represent reasons and take them off as you go down the list.

~Online dating style video. Think “long walks on the beach”, with your own personal twist.

~Infomercial style video. “Have you lost the will to wank? Perverted comments not as funny as they used to be? That’s all about to change with the purchase of my videos!”

~Personal video where you tell fans what they can expect in your videos, and what it’s like watching your online shows.

~A highlight reel of your other videos.

~A behind the scenes video that lets viewers get to know you, and you talk about the filming of your videos.

~A guide where you recommend videos based on a viewer’s taste. “If you like cum shots, then _______ video is definitely for you.”

Get discovered with a great title

Choosing the right title is an important part of what makes a video successful. A catchy title not only peeks a viewer’s interest, it can be the deciding factor on whether they purchase it or not.

  • Title tips:

~If it applies, include phrases like ‘behind the scenes’, ‘inside look’, ‘exclusive’, ‘intimate encounter’, ‘full access’, ‘rarely seen’. This will make the content of your video feel even more special, and make viewers watching it feel like they are included in your sexy raw video.

~Refrain from using words like sexy, hot, fun, naked, etc… Buying a video from your MyShop already implies all these things, so those words may not catch a viewer’s attention like you hoped.

~Catchy titles raise more questions then they answer. Eg. ‘I had no idea my cam was still on after my show!’ Or ‘Feeling optimistic about anal?’ The reason these work is because our brains are hard wired to want to complete a thought, or get the answer to a question. They don’t like to be left hanging 😉

~Using enticing descriptions like – porn lovers only, warning: this video may cause spontaneous arousal, video is known to increase risk of ejaculation, or do not watch if you are prone to obsession, is a fun way to intrigue prospective buyers.

#ProTip – Titles that use your CAM4 username in third person seem to sell very well so give it a try! Eg. ‘Cam4coach_en meets 2 strangers in the park and cums in an unexpected place…’

#Tagging brings your audience to you


Just like your shows on CAM4, adding relevant tags will help viewers find your video faster and easier.

  • Tagging tips:

~Use tags that describe what your video is about. Eg. #footworship, #fetish, #anal, #doublepenetration, #gay, #shower, #oilshow, #toy, #pee, #squirt

~Tell viewers about the cast of your video. Eg. #solo, #girl/girl, #guy/guy, #guy/girl, #group, #orgy, #gangbang

~Just like your title, stay away from generic tags like #sexy, #hot, etc…

Sort your videos

Did you know the order of your MyShop videos can directly influence a viewer’s purchase choice? Its true, many viewers will only focus on the first three videos that appear on your profile, potentially making them miss a masterpiece that’s at the bottom of your shop! This is why it’s important to keep your MyShop library looking new and fresh by rotating your videos so they all get some top shelf love. Just click on Manage My Shop and drag the thumbnail where you like, viewers will see your content exactly as you arranged it.

  • Sorting tips:

~ Rotate from the bottom of your list, and ones you think may be a potential best seller.

~ Put your free video first, followed by a higher priced video, then one with a slightly lower price. This will result in higher sales of your third video because by comparison it is the best deal.

~Match your top row videos to CAM4 themed weekends or holidays to boost sales. Eg. Put all your fetish/BDSM videos at the top of the list during CAM4’s Fetish themed weekend. 

Promotion equals success

Now that your MyShop is stocked with catchy titled and tagged videos, it’s time to tell the world that you are open for business. Getting into good promoting habits right from the start is a smart move, self-promotion is ongoing if you want continued success. Add these effective marketing practices to your routine, and promoting your videos will never become a chore.

MyShop talk in your shows

~Now that viewers have a collection of videos to choose from, help them find the perfect one by making recommendations based on their taste.

~Tell viewers about your videos that match their requests when they ask during your show.

~After getting to know a viewer in a PVT show, send them an inbox message suggesting a video you think they would like.

Raffles and contests

~When adding a new video to your shop, give it a promo boost by raffling it off to a viewer that has purchased one of your previous videos. You can get a full list of who purchased your videos in your MyShop ‘insights’ dashboard under ‘details’.

~Have a contest where viewers can submit ideas for your next video. You choose the top 5 ideas and let viewers vote for their favorite, the user who came up with the winning idea gets a copy of the video once it’s made.

~Have a video raffle that can only be entered if you win a ticket on a Roll-the-Dice outcome. This will create a lot of interest in your video because not everyone can enter to win, and create buzz around your other MyShop videos.

Social Media

custom myshop tweet

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful promotional tool for performers. Make sure you’re getting the most from your social accounts by including your MyShop in your social account bio, and tweeting, posting, blogging about your shop whenever possible.

  • How to use social media effectively:

~Let CAM4 do some of the work by adding your MyShop link to your custom tweets. You can do this under ‘Social networks’ that is in your CAM4 account options.

~Use social media tools like Hoot Suite to schedule tweets regularly that include your MyShop link with a promo image for your videos.

~Where possible, use the header banner on a social media account to advertise your shop, or a new video you just released.

~Use your pinned tweet to advertise your MyShop videos.

~Include the #’s you used on CAM4 to tag your video in all social media promo about the video. This will help your video get discovered faster.

~When promoting a new video on Twitter, do a re-tweet challenge where you will release a clip of the video if your promo tweet gets re-tweeted a certain number of times.

~Tweet blooper clips from your video as a fun way to promote it to your followers.

#PromoteLikeAPro by using this CAM4 design on your MyShop social pictures!


  • How to do it 

1. Download promo design files HERE

2. Use software like Pizap (free) to drop your pictures into the background. The aspect ratio of the design is pretty wide so you may need to use 2 pictures, stay away from stretching your image out of shape to fill the space.

3. Add the orange bar last so it will be seen over top of your image

4. Write your CAM4 username! 

#ProTip – Use fonts like Arial, or Helvetica Neue in all lowercase to stay on CAM4 brand design. 


That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmen

You can always email me with any questions at

Coaching Profile
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Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous





Tips for filming great videos for your fans

Making great content (videos/pictures) for your fans is fun and easy. Follow these guidelines and you will be making great content that will blow your fans away!


Tell a story

No matter what kind of video you are creating you need to tap into human emotions to get your audience engaged in your content.

  • How you do this:

Think about your subject, then think about why is this important to the viewer. Are you sharing something that really turns you on? Are you filming the first time you’re exploring this subject yourself? Knowing this will help you communicate the story to your viewers easily.



Think visually

Once you know what your story is, you must think of a great way to express it to your audience visually.

  • How you do this:

What is the feeling of your video? If the feeling is grimy and naughty, maybe choose a location that supports that feeling. Do you want to convey the feeling of being spied on while at work? Create an office desk set up and have your webcam under your desk or looking down on you so viewers get the feeling of spying from above.

ProTip: Use PIP (Picture in Picture) and have 2 cameras going at once.



Clip or Full length?

Knowing how long you want your video will help you fill your time with exciting, engaging content.

A clip is 2-3 minutes, while a video can be anywhere from 5-30min. Its best to make your video exciting from start to finish so don’t make it longer just because you feel like you have too. If you video ends up being a clip, that’s great!



Record in landscape mode

If you are using a video camera or phone to record, get in the habit of always shooting in landscape mode. This will make it MUCH easier to view on a computer screen.

  • How you do this:

Simply turn your phone 90 degrees so it is positioned horizontally.


missela20 copy

Zooming vs. editing

Zooming can be tempting because you want your viewer to see something you feel is important, but forcing them to see one thing, means they might miss out on another and can be distracting to watch.

  • How to do this:

While filming your video, don’t worry about zooming in or out to focus viewer’s attention on something, this can easily be done in post when you are editing your video. This will prevent possible filming bloopers like dropping the cam, having to move your cam multiple times, or losing focus from a zoom.




It’s important that your audience hears YOU, and not background music or noise if you want them to feel fully connected to what they are watching.

  • How you do this:

Make sure you record in a quiet environment and use an external microphone if you have one. It’s also important to refrain from too much talking during your video UNLESS: The video scenario calls for it, you are very comfortable doing it, or it’s a custom video and the viewer requests it. When you are not focusing on what you’re saying, you’re able to get into what you’re doing…and that’s hot.




Just like on cam, we need to see you.

  • How you do this:

Add lots of light sources! Take a few test shots and watch them to see if more light is needed to give your video a well-lit clear image.

For a quick and easy lighting tutorial visit: How to light for your



Steady cam or handheld?

This will be the difference of feeling like there is someone else in the room while your filming or not. If you want your viewers to feel like they are watching you through someone else’s eyes (POV – Point of View) then do handheld, if not, then use a tripod.

  • How you do this:

If you want to have a steady cam, simply film using your laptop or put your webcam on a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod but want to use one, you can use any house hold lamp as a tripod by screwing your webcam onto the top screw where the lampshade sits. (Every webcam can be mounted onto a lamp this way)

For handheld just have someone film you and hold the camera, just make sure they are always filming in landscape mode and are not zooming in on you. Its best if the person filming you doesn’t jostle the camera around too much, it will make your viewers sick if they do.




Because a video is not live you have the option to film it from a few different angles and edit them together if you choose. This will give you a lot more content to choose from when you edit, and you can make a very compelling video by using a few different angles.

  • How you do this:

You can simply set up a few different cameras to film yourself at the same time. You can have one be your webcam, and the other be your phone if you like.

ProTip: If you have someone filming you handheld, set up another angle that is steady cam. Don’t worry if you can see the handheld cam in the steady cam shots, it will make all the handheld shots feel more interesting.



Engage your audience

Use eye contact to connect with your audience, this will take your video from being good, to being a viewer favorite that they share, and watch over and over.

  • How to do this:

Be aware of your camera and look at it. This forms a connection with your audience and allows them to feel more engaged with what they’re watching.


That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmen

You can always email me with any questions at

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Happy Camming!

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How to use your My Shop Insights to refine your content

Stats are a powerful indicator of what you are doing right when it comes to making and selling content for your fans. So, your CAM4 ‘My Shop’ was carefully crafted to be easy to use, and offer you focused stats that reflect viewer satisfaction with the videos they’ve purchased from you.


Your ‘My Shop’ also includes shareable links for your videos to be used on social media, and the ability to control the order your videos are displayed on your profile.

Your Stats

new ststs!

Understanding your stats 

Everyone knows that high stats are great, but it’s the low stats that tell us the most about what’s going on. In these next 2 examples I am going to show you possible reasons you could be getting low numbers on stats.

Video #1 – Your video has noticeably low Likes compared to your sales and views.

  • This could mean:
  1. Check your video quality! Is there good lighting? Can we hear you properly? Do you look happy to be IN the video? These things affect viewer satisfaction so make sure you would like the video yourself if you were watching.
  2. You have done a great job at marketing this video and attracting viewers…but maybe not the right ones. Double check that you have used relevant tags/title/description for this video so you are attracting the right audience.
  3. Look at your price vs. length of video. Did you make a 1 min video and charge 50$? If you did it better be amazing! Remember, quantity of sales will make you more money in the end over a high sale price.

Video #2.
People are buying, even your likes are ok…but your Views are almost the same as your total number of sales.

  • This could mean:
  1. You might have over sold but under delivered on this video. It’s a hard truth but a great lesson to learn for next time.
  2. Watch your video again and see how many times you try to engage your viewers with eye contact, changing your cam angle, and giving viewers the feeling that you love what you’re doing. These things form a connection between you and your audience and if it’s just not there, they won’t watch it again.
  3. This may be a video production issue. Is your audio way to loud? Can we hear you at all? Does your video start and cut off in weird spots? Is the color balance and auto focus of your cam going crazy?

Film making #ProTips

~Ask yourself “Would I watch my video?” “Would I pay for my video?”

  • ~I know it can be weird at first, but WATCH YOUR OWN VIDEOS!
  • ~Don’t feel like you have to talk in your videos. Some of the hottest, sexiest videos are ones where all you hear is the breathing and moaning of the performer.
  • ~Try to keep background music to a minimum for both legal and viewer personal music taste reasons.
  • ~Make your videos roughly 5-10 min in length. This doesn’t sound like a long time, but it is if you’re trying to hold someone’s attention for that long.
  • ~A great video can be filmed on a cell phone in a train station bathroom. Good content is good content, regardless of production value.
  • ~Make sure you are having fun filming your videos! Just like camming, your viewers will be able to tell if you’re enjoying yourself.

If you need advice on video editing software, check out the article on ‘How to edit and watermark your videos and pictures’ 

That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmen

You can always email me with any questions at

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Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous

Create Epic Videos By Tapping Into Your Fans’ Desires

We all want to make great videos that our fans will love. So, how do you know what will sell? What makes one viewer request a better option over another?

Here are a few ways you can easily spot great suggestions for creating videos to sell in your Shop.

Sources of Inspiration


We all know there is never a lack of comments during` live shows, but how do you know which ones to keep in mind for creating content later? While you always want to listen to everyone in your shows, these are a few things to look for.

  1. “Do you do ___?” This viewer is looking for a certain role play or scenario starring you, and sometimes what they are looking for is totally different from what you normally do in your shows.
    For example, if you keep getting asked similar type questions about doing domination/foot fetish/couple shows, you should probably make a video! Especially if you don’t feel like adding these things to your regular shows.

  2. “Do you have ___ to put on?” Obviously, these viewers want to see you wearing something to complete their fantasy. Three requests or more tell me it’s something I should have to wear during my shows and in videos.
    For example, White socks/underwear, stockings, running shoes, jock strap, slutty/tight bar clothes, body stockings…

ProTip- Questions like these are not limited to your chat room, viewers might feel more comfortable messaging your inbox or writing on your chat wall so keep an eye out. 


Take a Poll

I’m talking about Twitter polls! Use your Twitter account to do some research on what your fans want to see by doing a Twitter poll!


You can’t see who voted on a Twitter poll, but you can incentivize people to re-tweet your poll by:

  1. Putting usernames of the people who re-tweeted your poll into a raffle to win your video.
  2. Tell your followers that you will release a teaser video on Twitter if your poll gets over a certain number of re-tweets.

The more re-tweets the bigger the chances people will answer your poll and follow you!



Being a performer for any length of time gives you access to a large, vocal audience that is full of feedback on your shows. To find the most valuable feedback, I would look to viewers who have already purchased some of your content, or have done a private show with you.

  • How to ask for feedback:

~If a viewer has sent you a message after purchasing some of your content  – “Im so happy you liked it! Thank you for telling me! What part of the video made you love it? Im making another video soon and I want to make sure you like that one too…

~After you have gone private with a viewer – “I loved our private today. My favorite part was when ______ happened, or you did this______.” This will start a conversation, and your viewer will likely tell you what they enjoyed about the show.

~If you know a viewer purchased, or won a video from you and hasn’t messaged you about it – “Hello! I was wondering what you thought about the video you won, I know you didn’t choose it so I wanted to make sure you were happy. Was it as hot as you hoped?” This will start a conversation and let the viewer know that you are open to feedback. They may give you a simple “yes I liked it”, or tell you what kind of video they would really like to see, and that is the feedback you were searching for.

Other Resources For Video Ideas

~Look in the Performer Training area on CAM4 under ‘Show Ideas’ for LOTS of different video ideas

~Go on video sites like PornHub and look at Top Searched video titles

~Your own fantasies! Chances are if you are into it so are your fans so turn it into a video!


That’s all for this lesson!

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Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous

Carnaval on CAM4

Bright colors, decadent costumes, we’ve got all the info you need to do this party right. Its a celebration bb’s! 


Carnaval   \ˈkär-nə-vəl\

Carnaval is a festival with the spirit of excess. Grand costumes and masks are worn with the intention of making people feel anonymous so they can lose themselves in the celebration with a heightened feeling of social unity. People fill the streets from 11:11 am until late into the night on the days leading up to the Catholic observation of Lent.

During this time, you will eat, drink, dance, and forget about every day social norms. Strange costumes with huge exaggerated body features (usually noses, breasts, and penises), circus like performances that happen in the streets, and large food fights are all common things you will see at Carnaval.

Include the #CarnavalCAM4 tag in your room status and tweets so viewers can find your show easily!

Friendly stranger


Why not be someone else for a change? Let your viewers meet this new, mysterious side of you…


How to choose the right mask:

  1. Choose one of your sexual fantasies that includes an encounter with a stranger, or switch up one of your fantasies to include one.
  2. Now you have the theme for your masked role-play and it will be easier to choose the type of mask you need.
  3. If you are a solo performer you can choose to either BE the stranger in your role-play, or pretend the audience is the stranger.

*PRO TIP – Include LOTS of dirty talk during this role-play. If you are pretending your audience is the stranger, talk and respond to them like they are one person, this will heighten the feeling that you are alone with your sexy stranger.

Samba striptease


All the elements of a classic strip tease but with a sexy Brazilian twist.


How to do it:

  • Wear your brightest, shiniest, sexiest, outfit then add to it. Both men and women wear beautiful head pieces, arm bands, scarves, jewelry, belly chains, glitter, feathers, etc… There is literally no limit here.
  • Apply your sexy strip moves to the music of Carnaval…Soca!

*PRO TIP – If you have any rhythm at all, you should look up some traditional Soca dance moves and add them to your routine.

Larger than life


No Carnaval celebration is complete without a few sexy giants towering over the party 🙂


How to do it:

  • Dress in your Carnival best – colorful, bright, feathers, scarves, etc…
  • Place your webcam on the floor (Or low to the ground on a tripod) and point it angling up at you. This will make you look like a giant to your viewers!
  • If you have small cars, lifelike miniatures of buildings, houses, or everyday objects, place them in appropriate places in your room to increase the effect of you being a giant.

*PRO TIP – Decide before hand if you are a friendly giant or a mean one. This will help you interact with your tiny props during your show. Do you want to crush them if you don’t get what you want? Are the tiny humans your pleasure slaves?

Dare to dress up


Carnaval is the perfect time to dress up in a fun costume and show your fans your whimsical side.


How to do it:

  • Go to any craft/dollar store and get Velcro stickers so you can easily attach accessories to an outfit/sex toy
  • Use the Velcro to attach things like a bunny tail to the end of your favorite butt plug, or a unicorn horn to a headband.
  • Create a fun name for your creature and even a backstory, this will give you lots to talk about with your fans during your show.

*PRO TIP – Play Roll-the-Dice in your show and make a few of the options different accessories to attach to your toys or costume.



That’s all for this lesson!

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Happy Camming!

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