Creating An Awesome Profile

An awesome profile speaks for you even when you are offline, learn how to grab attention 24/7.

1.  Fill out all your basic info under ‘Edit profile info’ in ‘My Account’. CAM4 uses this info to help your fans find you on the site easier.


2. Connect all your social media to CAM4. Think of this as enterprising – the more you branch out the larger your fan base will be.


3. Fill out your Sex Questionnaire. Reveal all your fetishes & fantasies to your fans and answer any burning questions they may have about you.


4. Have an updated wish list where your fans can see all the things you desire. You can request gift cards or ask fans to purchase gifts for you directly. Read about adding a wish list to your CAM4 profile here.


5. Fill your Photo Gallery with a wide variety of pictures, everything from XXX to PG.  Treat your gallery like a “look book” and showcase your outfits and toys there. This way when a viewer asks about your wardrobe or toy collection, you can simply direct them to your gallery of photos. Your previous broadcast image options are under ‘Profile Display Options’  


6. Your bio is the best representation of your Internet personality. Whether basic or fancy, your bio should answer these questions:

  •    Who are you and how long have you been performing?
  •    What do you do in your public/private shows?
  •    Do you have videos for sale and how do I get them?
  •    Do you have a fan club? How can I join and what do I get?
  •    Are you doing any raffles right now? How can I join and what is the prize?
  •    Is there a special way I can show my appreciation of you?
  •    Do you have room rules? What are they?
  •    What are your social media links?
  •    Do you have any favorite toys or props you like to use?

Remember your fans are not masters of conversation like you, so you need to give them something to talk to you about.


That’s all for this lesson!

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Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous

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