Freaky Halloween Costume Contest Oct 23rd – 31st

Enter for your chance at 10 prizes of up to $50!

Our annual Halloween celebration is happening from October 23rd to 31st. You’re all invited to join us in celebrating the best time of the year to express your fetishes, freakiness, and creativity. There’s 10 prizes to be won and lots of opportunity to get your CAM4 content promoted!

To enter just make sure to do these two things between October 23rd and 31st:

  1. Broadcast a Halloween costume show tagged with #FreakyHalloween
  2. Tweet a photo of your Halloween costume with the hashtags #CAM4 and #Halloween

Once Halloween is over, we’ll be judging your broadcasts and costume photos based on quality, creativity, effort, and engagement with your chatroom or fans to pick our 10 Freaky Halloween winners for 2017.

The judges of this year’s Freaky Halloween will be our team of community managers.

The prizes will be awarded globally:

500 tokens each for the top 5 costumes

250 tokens each for the 5 runners up

We can’t wait to see all of your costumes for this year’s Freaky Halloween! For inspiration, check out Nikki Night’s Show Ideas.

Contest Rules

  1. Must be a CAM4 performer in good standing
  2. Only live broadcasts will be eligible, no pre-recorded content
  3. Stock images or old costume images will not be eligible

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