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November Tremor Rocks Giveaway Alert!

If you couldn’t make it to EXXXOTICA New Jersey, trust us that you need more Tremor in your life. Luckily, all CAM4 performers within North America will have a chance to win 1 of 2 Tremor Rocks during November!

To enter: 

  1. Add Tremor Rocks to your Amazon Wish List
  2. Connect your Amazon Wish List to your CAM4 profile
  3. Follow @TremorRocks and @CAM4 on Twitter, and @TremorRocks and @CAM4Live on Instagram

On December 1st we’ll be selecting two winners at random who will receive this magical sex toy, a pretty exciting early holiday present!

If you don’t have an Amazon Wishlist or you want to know more about how to protect your privacy, Nikki Night has all the info you need.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Must be a registered CAM4 performer (yes, you can be brand new)
  2. Must be located within North America
  3. Winners will be chosen at random 

Freaky Halloween Costume Contest Oct 23rd – 31st

Enter for your chance at 10 prizes of up to $50!

Our annual Halloween celebration is happening from October 23rd to 31st. You’re all invited to join us in celebrating the best time of the year to express your fetishes, freakiness, and creativity. There’s 10 prizes to be won and lots of opportunity to get your CAM4 content promoted!

To enter just make sure to do these two things between October 23rd and 31st:

  1. Broadcast a Halloween costume show tagged with #FreakyHalloween
  2. Tweet a photo of your Halloween costume with the hashtags #CAM4 and #Halloween

Once Halloween is over, we’ll be judging your broadcasts and costume photos based on quality, creativity, effort, and engagement with your chatroom or fans to pick our 10 Freaky Halloween winners for 2017.

The judges of this year’s Freaky Halloween will be our team of community managers.

The prizes will be awarded globally:

500 tokens each for the top 5 costumes

250 tokens each for the 5 runners up

We can’t wait to see all of your costumes for this year’s Freaky Halloween! For inspiration, check out Nikki Night’s Show Ideas.

Contest Rules

  1. Must be a CAM4 performer in good standing
  2. Only live broadcasts will be eligible, no pre-recorded content
  3. Stock images or old costume images will not be eligible

Why You Need Different Social Media Channels

A successful cam performer knows how to always be exciting for fans, anywhere, anytime.

We focus a lot on Twitter, but our most successful performers all have multiple social media accounts. Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, etc.

Before you set up different channels, make sure that you’re ready to build your online personality and to share that. It takes time to create good photos and videos, and to share them across your channels. It’s not about quick nudes, it’s all about sharing your personality, whether it’s 100% authentic or parts of it are invented. 

Start with Twitter

Twitter should be your “hub.” That is, your main social media channel that links everything together. Twitter allows nudity, live video, links, images, and is incredibly easy to make your content discoverable. Not to mention the 218 million active monthly users. 

Here’s some tips on how to use Twitter:

  • Your username should be the same as your CAM4 name or very similar
  • Connect your Twitter account to your CAM4 account (inside My Account on
  • Post photos and videos when you’re logging onto CAM4
  • Reach out to promo accounts to get shout outs
  • Participate in Twitter chats to learn new trends, tricks, and reach new potential viewers
  • Post info about raffles, contests, tip menu additions, items for sale

Each tweet lasts an average of 3 hours, so you’ll want to be active regularly.

To monetize your Twitter account, I have seen some performers sell followbacks on Twitter, or charge for access to their locked Twitter account. Though I don’t recommend locking your account as it won’t get you discovered. For example, you can charge 200 tokens for a followback. 

Then Get Snapchat

Think of Snapchat as Twitter after dark but 100 times cooler. You’re not allowed to post nudity to your story, but you can easily cover up your bits with stickers. The nudes are for DMs (wink)

Here’s what you can do on Snapchat to get fans and tips:

  • Create DM groups to easily send nude content to more people
  • Create a free and a premium account
  • Or charge for access to your Snapchat
  • Charge for daily DMs for a select time period (month, year, week)
  • Post teasers to the free account and the uncovered pics to the premium account
  • Do takeovers on other accounts like CAM4Snaps to get exposure. 

Snapchat makes it really easy for you to get followers. You have a Snapcode, a Snapchat link, and your username. Post your Snapcode on your other social channels, you can even make it your Twitter profile pic as long as you have a SFW photo inside your Snapchat ghost. 


If you have a unique style, you love make up, wigs, hairstyles, fashion, you have tattoos, or you have an interest in photography (boudoir, erotic, fetish etc) this is the platform to share that on. Instagram is filled with photographers, artists, stylists, and creative people. Being a webcam performer can be considered a creative job, and this is your outlet to express yourself. 

This is strictly a no-nudity channel but it’s a massive discovery opportunity thanks to its use of hashtags, location tagging, and the discovery tab. 

Only use Instagram if you’re able to post high quality images that showcase your personal style or personality, this isn’t a place for close up nudes!

  • Live and permanent photo and video content
  • Use this for stunning visual content, photo shoots, costumes, outfits
  • Link to your Twitter account in your bio so people can find your naughtier content
  • Post your Snapchat code


Tumblr is similar to Instagram but in website form. Post photos, link to your CAM4 page, and use hashtags to be discovered. Make sure to use hashtags outside of adult topics so you get maximum exposure. 

You can automate your Tumblr account using or Hootsuite to repost anything you post to Twitter or Instagram.


If you’ve come to coaching lately, you probably know how much I love Reddit. I truly think this has the ability to make CAM4 performers a lot of money.

There are over half a million followers in /r/amateur, not to mention the thousands of other followers across all camgirl and adult content forums. Post your pics and link to CAM4. You can also join forums to learn from other performers about selling content and making more money. We will have a more in depth article on Reddit soon 😉

Different social media channels means different people (AKA more people) will see your amazing content. It also means that the right people will be able to find you. 

I hope you’ve learned some new tools and tricks to promoting yourself on social media. If you need help or have questions, email